Oct 3, 2016
by admin

News and trends in web design

Here are some news and trends in web design at the moment that you can implement for a successful premium site.

Mobile browsing on your desktop

Simplifying navigation for mobile devices is on its way to desktop variants in some sites being used for the main menu and in others to a secondary navigation.
This is a trend that is gaining ground especially for stores websites type a lot of information that should optimize for space navigation. In addition this technique offers a minimalist site (another trend already said and constantly growing).

"Loading" Animations

Surprisingly animations to load web pages returned in trend. They were in vogue especially in the years when flash animations were present in most websites. Due to the size of large files typically SWG action script created an animation that was needed to keep the visitor's attention until the script is loaded.

Multi-layout themes

Most WordPress themes provide the choice between several layouts customized to specific business areas.
The alternative variant versions of the layout of the site, many themes offers the possibility to choose between different layouts for home page, which is the most important page of the website, it is one that aims to attract the attention of visitors and to emphasize the strengths of the business.
This trend already consolidated, is likely to maintain the flexibility it provides. On the other hand, developers fear they extend far and wide customers reduce their working time providing more variants on the same theme based site.

Parallax effect

Although easy to create Parallax effect, produced a revolution in its APART. By that give the illusion of movement brought a bonus 3D dynamic web pages. Is used both for backgrounds and for those with images and videos is certainly a trend that will continue.
Technique "Blur Up" Used to load images, css technique Blur the initial charge consists of small images that have applied for an blur effect be fully charged at the normal size image visible. It is useful to avoid situations that meet especially when browsing on mobile devices, where space remains empty to full charge.

Using videos

Video clips are used increasingly more especially as backgrounds for slides of images on the home page, but also as backgrounds for sections hero type, with or without parallax effect. This is one of those practices that increase the size of web pages

Cards Layout

Organizing layouts in cards has become a widely used practice in web design model social networks.
Reasons for layouts have successfully organized in cards are widely used are multiple:
- Help delineate sections clearly and can accommodate a large amount of information;
- Are easy to adjust items in responsive layouts;
- Contribute to a clean and organized layout yet complex;
- Can accommodate while images and text in multiple columns per row;
- Can be used both with a gray border with colorful backgrounds and etc.
These are just some of the current trends in web design. Web industry is one of the most active we expect many updates, new tools, styles, techniques and technologies ...






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